A Resurrection Influence

Are you owning your influence?
Easter is less than a month away, April 20th. I will not lie, I love Easter. The season, the contagious joy, and the message of eternal life are what our faith is all about. There is no better time to offer faith to someone in your life than Easter. People are uniquely spiritually receptive to consider faith and a visit to church.
Here is how to own your influence during this important faith season leading up to Easter. First, make every effort to be in worship at Big Life in the coming weeks and on Easter Sunday. You will be glad that you did. Second, let a friend, coworker or family member know you are saving them a seat on Easter Sunday. Tell them a little about Big Life C.C. has made a difference to you. Why do you think they will like it?
Finally, ask God for a refreshing of your faith, a resurrection. I have heard from many of you that the Messages on our influence at home and work and starting to use the Bible were some things you needed to hear and live into. These are resurrection habits that will bring new life to your faith and to others. While we believe Jesus rose from the dead 2000 years ago, we also believe he is still raising people from death to life today. Are you in need a resurrection this Easter? Ask God to bring to life parts of you that you thought would never live again.
Easter is the core of what our faith is all about. New life, fresh hope, and enduring faith for any who will believe. Make plans to worship April 20th with your family and friends at Big Life Community Church.
This Sunday we wrap up our series “Outsourcing.” You will not want to miss this final call to action. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 9:30 or 11:00 AM!
Lead Pastor

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