Are You Making Friends At Church?

One of the biggest challenges of modern adulthood is bridging the gap from saying, “hello” to building real friendships with new people.
At Big Life C.C. we receive LOTS of feedback about how welcoming the church is. And we love that.
But there is a huge gap between a first impression of welcome … and the warmth of honest and supportive relationships.
It takes many small deposits of courage, of intentional reaching out to others, connecting personally, following up, and remembering names and stories. You will have to choose to walk up to someone over and over and start the conversation, make the time to get the coffee or tea, and expend the energy to get to know someone’s story and to share yours with someone new. The journey from meeting and greeting to real friendship is a process of courage and extension and repetition and time.
As Geoff described in the message Sunday, these choices are really habits of the heart that create community – and they must be cultivated and put to use each week if we are to be the Body of Christ as Jesus intended. Jesus intended the church to be a community of love. How can we love each other without getting to know one another?
Sundays are a great time to connect – worship is THE gathering for the church.
But we are also offering some new opportunities for you to continue the process outside of worship in safe and relaxed settings. Check out the website and see if one of the Connection Opportunities listed can help you take a next step to connect with someone soon!

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