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Baptism is from the Greek word, “baptizo”, meaning to immerse or dip under water.
It is used in Christianity to symbolize the transition from your old life to a new life following Jesus.
“Whoever is in Christ is a new creation, Behold; the old is gone, the new is here.”
2 Corinthians 5:17

What does baptism mean?

Baptism does not make you a believer. It shows you already believe.
Baptism is an action that publicly illustrates your private faith in the life, teaching, and God-nature of Jesus.
Baptism is the outward demonstration of the commitment you make in your own heart, mind and spirit to love and follow Jesus.

Who should be baptized?

Every person who accepts Jesus and chooses to believe in and follow Him should get baptized. There is no age too young or too old to make that decision. There is no life history too ‘bad’ or too ‘good’ to exempt someone from the importance of choosing to follow Jesus and demonstrating that choice through baptism.

When should a believer be baptized?

Baptism is not something you wait on until you are perfect. None of us are perfect. We all still fall and fail in spite of our desire to do better each day at following Jesus. Baptism is for those who are choosing to follow and believe Jesus, in spite of themselves.
Baptism is not about the religious ceremony. Baptism is about the condition of the believer’s heart who chooses it. Therefor whenever a believer is prepared to accept Jesus, they may be baptized.

How does someone get baptized?

Simply let the Pastor know you are ready to make this public demonstration of faith.

Other times, the Pastor will arrange a baptism with you. Baptism is not about a religious ceremony, although that is sometimes utilized. In cases of illness or immediacy a private baptism is often performed.
Baptism is a time of prayer and sharing commitments between you and God. It may include the entire church community, or it may be a private time with you, a friend, and the Pastor. You may be in a robe in front of the church in a baptismal tub full of water, or others may be in a hospital bed with a small cup to dab water on your forehead.

Where does someone get baptized?

big life is using a water tank for baptisms.
Baptisms have taken place in rivers, swimming pools, cathedrals, chapels, bathtubs, and deathbeds. There is no right answer to “where?” other than “anywhere.” Simply contact the Pastor to arrange your baptism.

What do I wear when I am baptized?

Some churches use robes.
At big life cc we utilize a shallow swimming pool. Wear a swimsuit and a loose fitting, light colored but non-white tshirt (light blue, grey, yellow). Wear board shorts or swim trunks to cover on bottom.

What if I was already baptized?

If you want to be baptized, big life will baptize you! If are satisfied with your previous baptism situation, whether as an infant or when you were old enough to decide for yourself, big life community church will come alongside you and honor your choice.
Baptism is totally up to you.


Big Life C.C. knows that until we learn to serve, we do not know what following Jesus means.  Serving is the act of stepping beyond our own personal needs and doing work of meeting other’s needs.
At church we need everyone to pitch in and make the church community thrive.
Help with coffee, hospitality, welcoming others, music, worship materials, and cleaning and maintaining the facilities.  Everyone can pitch in efforts to build the community within and beyond the body of Christ that gathers together Sundays at Big Life C.C.
Contact Tammy Alvarado for opportunities and to learn more!

 big life is on a mission

Big life is on a spiritual mission. We exist to share Jesus. Big life partners with local service providers to impact the community through physical mission work as well. Get Involved. Participate in mission work.

 Local Relief

Big Life C.C. actively serves the community in which it is located through providing collections, servanthood, and donations.  Christmas of 2018 the church blessed over 125 families with gifts and covered requested needs.  The church has also filled purses and bags for the homeless with necessities, supplied materials for relief from local tragedies and storms, and has worked with the local service providers to supply and meet needs.
Get Involved. Participate in mission work.
Connect with Joyce Peltz for more information on opportunities to serve the local community’s needs.

 INK 180

Serving in partnership with local law enforcement & philanthropic organizations, Chris and Lisa Baker are making a difference one life at a time by covering up tattoos that link a person to their destructive or victimized past. INK 180 is a mission of PneuProject that charges nothing for its ministry of second chances covering gang and human trafficking tattoos. It is entirely funded by donations from people like you. Get involved in INK 180 and give the gift of a second chance.

 Young Life

Young Life is an independent youth ministry that thinks the world of kids. YL believes that kids deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults from local churches and the community who create lasting friendships with kids, share the Gospel in action, all while having fun. Young Life is all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends.

Even though Young Life is especially for kids, parents and other adults in the community are important to Young Life. Adults can support Young Life in a variety of ways — by becoming a volunteer leader or committee member, by attending a Young Life fund-raising event, by hosting Young Life or by simply telling others in the community about Young Life and its commitment to kids.

Young Life Oswego
PO Box 355
Oswego, IL 60543-0355
Phone: 630-551-8650

Special Needs Prom

Big Life C.C. launched the local Special Needs Prom in 2015 in partnership with Celebrate Differences, a local NFP. The event includes dancing with a professional DJ (Villa Productions), dinner buffet, karaoke, limo rides, corsages, and each guest is crowned king or queen and is available to any young adult with special needs.

Saturday Stars Mentoring – Community 4:12

Saturday Stars is a mentoring and tutoring program on Saturday mornings during the school year.  There are three schools involved in SS, Bardwell, Brady, and Beaupre.  Bardwell is mentoring, and the other two are tutoring.

Saturday Stars starts with an orientation/training, taking breaks as school does.  The hours are from 9:45am until noon. There are three stations—craft/experiments, gym time, and game time, followed by a snack.  Volunteers literally just need to show up.  Each adult volunteer needs to be background checked and fingerprinted and go through orientation/training.

For more info contact Kate Hall at

Boys to Men

Boys to Men is an Aurora-based mentoring program that instills confidence and purpose in young men at risk. They work with boys through Junior High and High School years, ensuring graduation from school and growth in personal responsibility.
To shatter the stereotypes, break the barriers, and overcome the obstacles that have become the norm for young men by promoting the life-transforming power of education, discipline, service, culture, and brotherhood.
To establish a fraternal network of young men who will personify excellence based on the principles taught in our own educational institution.
Boys II Men P.O. Box 1353 Aurora, IL 60507

Week of Compassion

Week of Compassion is the relief, refugee, and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. We seek to equip and empower disciples to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and the promotion of mission opportunities.
The listed mission opportunities may be offered through collaboration with other local churches/ independent service providers.