Blindfolded Walking

Can you see clearly?
A few years ago I caught an absolutely hilarious MythBusters episode where they tested the theory that it is IMPOSSIBLE to walk in a straight line blindfolded. They took it to the extreme, used sight canceling goggles, earplugs, etc. so that no outside influence could affect their ability to find a direction. And this picture is roughly like what the walkers’ paths looked like.
When they interviewed the walkers, each person described in detail how good they felt they were doing, how straight they seemed to be moving, how on target they thought they were. Each was sure they were going to be the exception to the rule. Wow, were they wrong! Without the point of reference in focus, guiding them straight, they simply could not stay on course AT ALL.
And that, my friends, is what life is like. Without an external point of reference we flounder and spin. I truly believe we each want what is best for ourselves and our families, but I know that people feel at best uncertain about what that actually looks like. The human tragedy aspect of it is that regardless of how we feel we are on target, our lives end up looking like the picture. And who wants to reflect on a life shaped like that at the end of their days?! “I worked too much. I didn’t really know my kids. I never forgave my father. I should have spend more time with my wife. I never did anything of meaning.”
The Good News, is that we have a simple and accessible guiding standard in Jesus. Jesus taught a paradigm-busting set of truths, establishing himself as a model of living that no one in the history of humanity has undone or superseded:
1. Love God. (Keep your eyes on the Way, the Guide, the King.)
2. Love one another. (Serve and welcome and give.)
3. Do not judge. (Because nobody’s perfect – least of all you and me.)
For 2000 years, no one has articulated human excellence better than this. The entire Biblical history is summed up in these. No one has defined right living more clearly or succinctly, and no one has established a better paradigm for our health, well-being, and living a life of blessing.
Ultimately, it is up to each of us. We are free to roam, free to circle, free to meander. Or we can make the choice to stay as close to the Way as possible… and see how He will guide us in living a life we could only otherwise imagine in its richness and blessing.
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