Moving On From Easter

What a great Easter!  I hope you were blessed by the time with God you invested.  I hope your faith was encouraged. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the center of our faith and the center of our celebration each year. We saw more people than we ever have before in the history of our congregation. It took each and everyone of us being willing to pray, serve, invite, and worship to make this happen! 

This week we are starting a new series that I hope will take your faith to the next level.  We are going to be diving into some of the richest scriptures in the Bible, challenging one another to learn them, commit them to memory, and apply them to our daily lives.  If you have ever wanted to know how to take simple truth from the Bible and put them into action in your life you will not want to miss these next several weeks.


The End of Winter is Hard

Late winter malaise is tough.  Of course we know that any minute spring is going to come soon.  We know we are about to store our winter jackets and enjoy warm weather.  But it is easy for us to turn our anticipation into frustration in these long in- between times.  

Living a life of faith is the same. Sometimes faith moves quicker – when growth is evident, and we are able to see signs and works of God’s power in our lives.  But other times our faith seems to slow to a crawl through dry seasons of suffering or frustration.  We move slow, dry out, and we wonder if we are still moving in the right direction.


Full of Grace and Truth

“Jesus stands as a towering figure in history because all across time, he has forced history’s view of true character to bend to his own character rather than vice versa. He showed how love could be far more just, true, sacrificial, and by the way more interesting and complex than mere approval. It took a God-man to be able to do that.” -Tom Gilson