Do you long for extraordinary faith?

We often look at people who do big things for God as though they are cut from a different cloth. It is easy to believe we are excluded from the miraculous, earth shaking faith we think we see in others.
However, God is our ever present Counselor. God is interested in our daily life. God wants to be included in our morning coffee, our commute, our work, and our conversations. Put faith in the middle of how we REALLY spend our time, relationships, and money.
When you string together these ordinary moments, checking in with God, sharing His love and counsel, it IS extraordinary faith. It builds deep confidence in His care. It develops unshakable trust. It opens our eyes and ears to His leading – that we will need at more difficult times.
On the cross, Jesus changed everything. The scriptures say that the “curtain in the temple was torn” as Jesus died. The curtain was placed in the temple to allow some holy leaders to have access to God, and to keep everyone else out.
Don’t put up a curtain in your life. Seek God in your ordinary moments… and in doing so build an extraordinary relationship with the living God.

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