Hope Is Born – Silent Moments

Any occasion of celebration and wonder, whether an underdog football team throwing a “Hail Mary” pass with one second left to win the game or a child’s first birthday party, is encompassed by loud cheers, singing, activity and excitement. They are accompanied by happiness, hope, pride and full of possibilities. These events do not fall quickly from our memories, but often seem to pass by in an instant.
As social beings, we tend to recount the last game or our child’s latest milestone with embellishments, forgetting to turn down our desire to impress. Instead, the gift of experiencing joy, faith and camaraderie is a gift from God and in servitude; we should praise Him thoughtfully and not boast. “…boast about nothing but the Cross of our Master, Jesus Christ. Because of that Cross, [I] have been crucified in relation to the world, set free from the stifling atmosphere of pleasing others and fitting into the little patterns that they dictate.” (Galatians 6:14, Message)
As the Christmas season approaches, reflect upon the peaceful celebration of Jesus’s birth and the abundant gifts God has given all of us. Be thankful and full of excitement for the blessings to come as you praise Him in your silent moments.

God is with you.
~Aideen Carrick

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