It’s a Beautiful Day to Be a Jesus Follower

The beauty and burden of Christian faith is that every believer shares the same responsibilities.  There is no hierarchy of who does and does not live the Gospel.  In our lives, during the week, as well as on a Sunday morning, each one of us are commissioned by Jesus Christ to welcome, serve, worship, and give.  Through simple acts of intentional warmth, we make Love real whether it is at the office park, or the parking lot at church.  And the paradox of Christian faith, is that we fill up by pouring out.  So when our faith begins to run dry, the first thing we must turn to is what I can do to share and show the love of Jesus to the people around me whether is at worship on Sunday or walking the dog on Tuesday.  

My prayer for you over the next few days is that you will have found some closer connection to God in your everyday chaos, and that your life can be lived victoriously even if the size of the storms in your life is not reduced.  Not to be totally cliche, but it really ISN’T the size of the storm that matters – it’s the size of our faith in God that changes everything.  See you Sunday at 9:15 or 10:45 AM as we come together to remind ourselves, refill ourselves, and pour out God’s goodness to one another!

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