Say “YES” to God

Are you saying “no” when you could say “yes”?
Each year it seems that winter makes a serious attempt to kill us. We’ve all enjoyed the welcomed relief of a few warmer days. Even the snowstorm that starts to melt away the same day announces the inevitable change towards spring, and the promise that life will go on.
However, with the warmer weather comes my guilt about not being in shape. At some point in the next few weeks, on a reasonably mild day, I will lace up my shoes, throw on a hoodie, and attempt what barely resembles running.
The first half mile will be the worst. I will say to myself “I can’t do this. Why not just stop. Good enough – at least I tried. I can’t keep going because I’m too old, and it hurts my heart, and my will is not in order. etc” Yet somehow in spite of the fear and discouragement, I will keep going. And I will be glad I did. I can already anticipate the delight of my body getting stronger, increasing my heart rate, stretching myself, and being glad I did power through the objections. Knowing that I could have said “No” makes the “Yes” even more powerful.
In this series called “Outsourcing” we are talking about all the says we can say “YES” to God. So far we have talked about the importance of owning our worship life, being present to God’s presence, as well as the need to grow in wisdom, to discern what to do when we do not know what to do. We are also inviting each person to say yes to trusting God, to “try the tithe” during Lent as we build towards Easter.
For each of these habits, generosity, worship and wisdom, we have the chance to say “no”. We can each believe the voice of the enemy that inevitably tries to prevent us from moving towards a better, more abundant life with God. Just as I hear when I attempt to run, we will likely each hear these lies, “stop, why try?, this is too much, you can’t do it”. Yet when we break through that fear and choose trust in God, it makes the “yes” we give to God all the more satisfying.
This week offer God a big “YES”. It may be in worship, wisdom, or generosity. It might be in taking up the courage to invite someone to worship and faith. You likely know what it is already from that still, small voice within. Push through the resistance and trust in God who is ready to join us and strengthen us in the exercising of our faith.

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