Simple Faith-Love Wins

So, I began writing this devotional five days ago. Since then, I have had deadlines, sick children, sickness myself, some relationship conflicts…all taking my time, energy, and just plain stressing me out.
I scrapped the previous devotional because in reflecting upon the message from last Sunday’s service, I realized that I was exactly in the position in which it was time for me to stop freaking out, breathe deeply and hand over my anxieties to God. So, here I am, whipping out this devotional like I am sitting in a comfy chair in your very own living room, just chatting about life.
We have now talked for hours about the pressures at work, about the latest household project that’s too expensive, about our relationship struggles, about time constraints, about the racket our car is making…and realized that we missed an appointment, or we didn’t call our significant other, or we forgot to pick up groceries for dinner…
Stop right now…relax…and take a deep breath. Ask God to help you with the unknown—with whatever is weighing you down. Ask Him into your heart so that you can show love the way He unconditionally loves you and sit peacefully in submission to His plan for you. Trust in Him; that’s all you need. (Romans 8)
This is perhaps, the shortest devotional I’ve written. But, who needs any further explanation than the words “stress” and “anxiety”? It’s called life. We all have to face it, but it can be much simpler if we can let go of our tendency to seek comfort in control. Instead, be deliberate in an effort to find comfort in God’s infinite love, for He is the author of your life.
God is with you.

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