Taste and See

What’s your favorite treat to eat?
We love to get a nice steak on a special night out. Or a sushi dinner is hard to beat. Maybe you love a perfectly layered chocolate dessert, or a good taco feast.

There is something special that goes on in our bodies, minds, and hearts when we eat delicious food. Our senses are filled, our hunger is abated, and even our spirits feel comforted. It’s one of the most delightful and satisfying aspects of human life.
As a parent of a toddler, though, I know it can be challenging to get even the most delicious bite into the mouth of a skeptic. But once our guard is dropped, IF we can be lured into trying a taste… we might even enjoy the flavors offered to us, regardless of our preconceptions.
Psalm 34 invites us to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Maybe you grew up thinking of God as a condemning judge and are afraid of what you’ll find about Him in the Bible. Maybe you feel you’ve drifted too far away from faith to pray honestly for God’s help in what you want in life. Maybe you just can’t believe God would take care of your finances enough to give your tithe. Or maybe you’ve just gotten tired and slipped away from good habits of faith you have practiced in the past.
Our invitation over the next few weeks is to stop resisting, be open, and take a taste of who God really is… because He is SO good. As Psalm 34 says, “taste and see that the Lord is good. BLESSED is the one who takes refuge in Him.” If we taste, if we unclench our hearts and pursue Him, He WILL bless us. He is our remedy, and He is our hope. He cares passionately about each one of us and the quality of our life. Together, we can come to know God’s forgiveness, leading, kindness, and provision more personally. In taking steps to seek Him, we allow Him to nourish us with His goodness and blessing.
Join us Sunday we devote an hour to draw closer to God. We believe committing our hearts to God during this one hour of worship each week can change every other hour we live.

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