The Importance of Connecting

We live in a very independent world, often not even knowing our neighbor’s names or what they do for a living. Or, for that matter, knowing the names of the people we worship next to on Sundays. Turns out, that is really doing some harm to us physically. Who knew??
There’s been some discovery of the importance of connecting. It turns out that a simple handshake, eye contact, or hug releases a chemical called oxytocin that wards off depression, reduces anxiety, helps heal wounds and reduce pain, wards off excess weight and increases generosity and sympathy for others. Sounds almost too good to be true from a simple act of connecting. So I think we should experiment at big life. Let’s shake some hands, look at people in the eye (not in a creepy way!), and offer hug appropriate hugs and see what happens.
-Michelle Jenks
Connections Minister

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