The Nicest Person You Know

I bet you have known someone pretty incredible.

Maybe they were humble in a way that was inspiring.  Maybe they were brilliant. Maybe they came to your defense, or made you a supper when you were feeling low.  Maybe they just have the kind of sense of humor that makes you chuckle regardless of your mood.

We have all felt the extraordinary experience of knowing someone awesome.  Well that warmth and care you saw is just the tip of the iceberg of knowing God and being known by God.  Those good traits we see in someone extraordinary are God traits!  Care, counsel, warmth, love, even joy… those are God descriptions!  When we are around them on earth, they light us up… now imagine how much more it is with the One who is the source of those things!

Sometimes God’s own character gets put down by (sometimes even) well-intended folks.  When we endure hardship, we can get hardened towards life… and transfer that to God.  When we experience the ways of the world, we can feel lost and uncertain… and apply our personal wavering and wandering to God.  

That is why Christianity is a faith that requires conversion.  It requires work and intention to get to know who God REALLY is.  Our hearts are hardened.  We have to choose to soften them and seek friendship with God.  

Nobody falls in love without effort.  Nobody has a deep friendship without investing time and attention.  But everyone who seeks God will find God.  And what an incredible, good, and loving God to spend time and effort getting to know! 

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