The Return to “Normal”

Over the last several weeks, people have asked how we are doing after the birth of our son. I will be honest, the first week I had no clue how to answer because I was barely awake! And that was nothing compared to how Marissa had to feel. While I am sure some things have leveled out and I know Marissa is feeling better, I realized something enlightening this week. The thing that has really changed is ME. I had to adjust to the new normal. Getting less sleep than I have since college seemed so destabilizing those first few days. Then I learned to adjust, respond, and keep going. This is the new normal for me. And all the wishing in the world will not grant us a ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.

People tell me frequently that their life will change to incorporate faith, that holy habits will be cultivated, once “life slows down” for them. When things “return to normal” the changes they desire will take finally be able to take root. But if we keep waiting, changes in us never will happen. We live with the myth of ‘normal,’ a life without deadlines, budgets, children and social obligations. In fact, normal is now; it is right in the middle of our over-extended, over-programed, and over-spent lives that God is ready to begin the process of restoration. If we wait until things are better, we will always be waiting. If we ask God now, He is more ready than we realize to build peace, joy, and contentment into our lives – right here and now. So let’s not keep waiting until all returns to ‘normal’. Let’s invite God to be with us here and now.

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