The Thin Place

They call this the thin place. Like its a bit closer to heaven than everywhere else. But that’s not it. The only way to describe this place is a little piece of Heaven broken off and landed right here on earth.
Time moves differently here. The days stretch out past bearable but aren’t nearly long enough. The sky, the animals, the lake, the wind blowing on your face. It’s impossible to take it all in at once. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I have to stop for a minute, because I get that feeling like I’m dreaming. The sun has so much power here. The people are all beautiful and sun-kissed. It’s hard to describe. Like their souls shine through.
To see the change that happens in these young adults is breathtaking, and it makes me certain I am not the one responsible. The kids all walk a bit lighter. Only hours after arriving you start to see the changes. The kids shed all these mask and personas they’re used to wearing at home and at school, and for once they are just themselves. And you can see it. Like a giant weight has been lifted off of them and they are just happy. There’s no place like this. I’ve seen kids take giant leaps of faith. “I’d rather die than go on that ride!” Is what one of the kids was saying, right up until he was voluntarily strapping on his harness. It’s not surprising, the way the kids respond to the rides tells you a lot about where they are in they’re faith. Some kids are opening up and just being honest with another person for the first time.
I wish everyone at home could see this place and see what happens here for themselves. My description can’t do it justice.
Matt Salis
YoungLife Leader

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