Turn Signals and the Life of Faith

Ever do some good ol’ fashioned road raging?
One of the weird things about having a new 16 year old driver in Chicago land is that I have to see my own driving habits through the eyes of someone who is learning how things “should” be done.
I have never been so frequently corrected on my use of turn signals, full stopping, and following distance… let alone lane usage, speed, and all the other harrowing habits that I have taken up – that blend right in to the other cars around me on the road.
Suffice to say, I don’t want my son driving the way I do, and that has made me think about more than just road habits.
Do you find yourself sucked into the negativity around you? Do you set out with good intentions, only to end up engaging in the behaviors of cutting down, arguing and hostility, and negativity that saturate your interactions throughout your day? It’s probably not what we hope for ourselves as an example of someone pursuing Jesus.
The call to live as a Christ follower is a high and counter-cultural bar. This week we are going to talk about the Advent value of peace – and the Christ mandate to be a “peace maker.” We don’t have to escape, leave, or reroute our lives to find and spread peace, but we do have make some changes in the habit and practice of inviting God’s peace into ourselves. And God’s peace will change everything around us.
See you Sunday at 10 to worship and seek God together! Invite a friend – you may never know the difference God can make in their life!

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