What’s God’s Will for Me?

It’s one of the strongest desires in the heart of people seeking faith, to have a full sense of God’s hope for them, their life, and their circumstances.
Fortunately, God’s Bible is saturated with the answer! You won’t have to look far to be instructed and encouraged in the answer!
God ‘s will for you and me:
1. We seek Him first.
2. We value Him more than any other things… other’s opinions, our jobs, our stuff, and our money / the money and stuff we wish we had.
3. We have him at the core of our relationships. Do you pray for your spouse? Do you ask God how to answer your siblings? Do you seek God’s wisdom when parenting? Or even just hanging out with friends? Do you pray for God’s leading when tensions rise?
4. We share Jesus. God wants us to be ready to share the difference He makes in our lives and encourage others to turn towards Him. This is not as scary as it sounds. Think of a couple ways God is working on your heart. Are you more patient? Does prayer help your stress level? Do you feel different when you worship? A simple God moment and invitation can be easy to have ready when someone shares their life’s needs – even if it is in the format of gossip! “Wow, that sounds hard. Would it be okay if I include that in my prayers? I really have felt a new lease / less stress / more peace in my life by pursuing faith. I’d love for you to come to church with me some time, so you can get to know Jesus.”
5. We serve. Maybe God has put a cloth in front of you to wipe some tables. Maybe God has brought a homeless person into your daily commute to give away some money and a prayer. Maybe God has planted the seeds of a mission organization for you to create… whatever the immediate manifestation, you can be certain, God WILLS us to serve throughout our days. If we haven’t served yet today, look harder! We are agents in God’s mission field.
6. We prepare for heaven. God’s world is bigger than ours. Our hope of Jesus is our TRUE reality. Our lives will be mostly spent worshipping God on the other side… and only God knows when we will cross over. Are our hearts positioned towards that?

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